Upcoming presentations

Nathan and Christopher present material from Make it So at conferences and to organizations around the world. Find a list of where we’ll be speaking next below. Interested in having us speak at your next event? Contact us.

September 2013
14 Christopher at MobX Keynote Berlin, Germany

An online example of one of the talks we have given on the book material.

Past presentations


Christopher keynoting EuroITV 2013 Como, Italia
Christopher UX in Outer Space San Francisco
Christopher remotely NEALUX Los Angeles
Christopher remotely NUI Central New York City
Christopher keynoting TechHorizons 2013 Sausalito
Christopher at Digital for Creativity Pre-recorded interview
Christopher at Washington DC UX Meetup Online
Christopher at O’Reilly webinar Online
Christopher at Razorfish Austin, TX


Christopher at Propellerhead Auckland, New Zealand
Christopher at UX Melbourne Melbourne, Australia
Nathan at UX Melbourne Melbourne, Australia
The Web and Beyond (video) Amsterdam, The Netherlands
CreateTech2012 Santa Monica, CA
TV of Tomorrow San Francisco, CA


TV of Tomorrow San Francisco, CA
MacWorld (featured presenters) San Francisco, CA
Auckland IxDA Auckland, New Zealand


UX Week San Francisco, CA
ImTech Los Angeles, CA


Unsworn Academy Malmö, Sweden
dConstruct Brighton, UK
South by Southwest San Francisco, CA


Arse Elektronika San Francisco, CA
California College of the Arts San Francisco, CA
South by Southwest Austin, TX


Voices that Matter San Francisco

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