About this site

Though Make it So is jam packed with material, we had significant amounts of other material that had to be left out for space reasons. Here’s where we hope to remedy that. Nathan and Christopher will be able to share this additional material with you, answer your questions, and develop the ideas presented in the book even further.

Additionally, new as sci-fi is being created all the time, we’ll be including reviews of the best and worst interfaces once it comes out in a DVD format that we can study and prepare for web publication. We’ll also be looking to publish our entire database of sci-fi interfaces (including contributions from others) so anyone can make use of it.

Finally, you will be able to keep abreast of the many public presentations of material from the book and on this topic by Nathan at Christopher on the Presentations page.

If you just can’t enough of Make It So, you can also follow our twitter feed or like us on Facebook.

This is a WordPress site, using a modified Sunspot theme. Titles are set in FacitWeb. Body copy is set in Calluna Sans.

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